About Us

Carrying an extensive array of hand – selected marble and granite, we take pride in quality and craftsmanship. With a philosophy – to make our customers needs a top priority. We are committed to making your granite, marble and quartz decisions a simple and rewarding experience.

Our Team


Meet with you or your team, and based on sketches, design, edge and material an estimate can be produced(if possible bring samples of tile, cabinetry, and paint swatches so that you can make the best possible choice for your project.)


For a more accurate drawing of your kitchen, our professionals will measure and create the templates that will be needed in the manufacturing of your project.


We then have the stone delivered from our suppliers and your project is fabricated, delivered and meticulously installed by stone empire employees.

Our representatives here at stone empire will guide you in making your project a graceful one. With fabrication done right on site, and installation completed by stone empire employees, we make sure that our customer’s needs and expectations are all met.